Concealed Class

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1 Day Course

Dates Available Below (Saturdays)

August 22nd 2020

September 12th 2020

September 26th 2020

October 10th 2020

October 24th 2020

November 7th 2020

November 21st 2020

Other dates for classes not listed please call/text 337-577-9313

To make a $30.00 deposit for a class please click the donate button.  Thank You...

This class will provide knowledge starting from the basics of firearms.

Just make sure to bring your handgun, ammo, eye/ear protection, & your enthusiasm!

If you don't have a handgun, you can rent one from us for $40 (this includes 50 rounds).

What should I do to prepare for the class? Call us, and ask any questions that you may have.

What do I need?

  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Closed toe shoes or boots. (No Flip Flops.)
  • 50 Rounds of Target Ammo
  • Handgun (Unloaded before coming into class.)

    I recommend reading over the LSP Handgun web page and familiarize yourself with the information provided.
    You will have the upper hand and be familiar with some of the things we will be covering in the class.